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What are static and dynamic websites?

Static websites are mostly informational website for start-ups or for those businesses where the business nature does not make it compulsory for the business owners to setup an interactive website. For those businesses where the target audience is internet savvy and wish to interact with them via the business website, we develop interactive websites with database to store the business information and all other data published on the website.

What are the disadvantages of static websites?

  • Webmasters need to have knowledge of HTML/CSS/Photoshop etc to keep their websites updated or they need to hire a website design agency for maintenance of their website
  • Static websites are not interactive - website visitors can not search within your website or interact with website owners

What are the advantages of dynamic websites?

  • Much more interactive and intelligent website
  • Easier to add and update content on the website
  • When you need to collect and save your website visitors/users data in a database, you can do it by dynamic websites only or you need to use 3rd party services to save and keep your clients and subscriptions